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 Spirits & ghosts

What are Spirits, Ghost and Angels. Why They Exist?


What are Guardian Angels?


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What are Spirits, Ghosts and Angels?

What are Spirits, Ghosts and Angels?





          Ghosts and Angels are energy..        

Ghosts and Angels are energy...



What is the truth about Spirits and Ghosts? This information on Ghosts, Spirits and Angels is in plain easy to understand format If you chose this page first, it may be better to start with Secrets of Life Section. This is a bit like maths, we need the basics to put the whole picture together. 


This Section is about information on Spirits, Ghosts and Angels to help those who have been bothered by unusual experiences, like voices and visions in their head or who have experienced Ghost, Angels or Spirits. They may be around them or they think they are possessed by them. Some may have seen them or experienced them in a particular location or building. Metaphysical Institute offers a Service to PERMANENTLY remove Ghosts, Spirit and Angels see Services Section thousands of people have been helped by this service


Note: When the term Angels is used this is not to be confused with Guardian Angels which are separate identities.



Until recently, I did not understand that I have been affected by Spirits, Ghosts & Angels for most of my life. Like most of us who have little information or no understanding, of our spiritual side, or how we were created, I just put these feelings down to sudden tiredness.


Today with more information, understanding and far more knowledge  and much practise, it is easy to recognise when another "Energy Form or Being" invades my Aura. With much more awareness, I often feel a mild pain and on checking, soon discover it is some form of Spirit. The majority of these, are just called Spirits and these consist of the 5th, 6th and 7th layers of The Aura, of a deceased person that for some reason did not depart for the Spirit World, but remained in The Earth Realm.


The next biggest group are Ghosts and Angels, they are  basically Spirits with more layers of The Aura, generally the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th layers. The reason Ghosts can often be seen by very visually aware people is, they have the 4th layer of The Aura which is part of the physical aura. This description  of these Spirit Forms, is a generalisation because,  just like us, there are many individual combinations.  To briefly explain, Angels as well as Spirits Souls come to Earth to be the Souls of Humans  and there are reasonable numbers in our Earth Realm. The remainder of Spirit entities are not human souls, these are souls of animals, known in the spirit world as gargoyles and seraphims;  being in relatively very small numbers they will not be dealt with here. Fairies, demons, genies, and spirits have always been a topic to discuss, since ancient times. Is there such a thing as these supernatural creatures? There are many movies, books, even games based on ghosts and angels. If you are interested in this kind of story and you want to dive into a virtual world full of miracles and magical happenings, you should start playing supernatural-themed games. This theme has also become popular in online casino games, and a player like to play them because of the excitement they offer, and the possibility of winning real money. Go on to explore all types of casino bonuses your favorite themed slots games offer, so you can play them for free.


Another factor  that is best understood is that, the more highly evolved, the Spirits, Ghosts and Angels, the more powerful they have become. This is because once they have left their Physical Body, much of their spiritual memory returns, meaning they know and understand how to move around, communicate and influence material activities on Earth. Depending on their capabilities, which is their level of evolvement, this determines how much influence they may exert on living people. This influence can be both positive and negative.


In fact many of these Misguided Spirits, Ghosts & Angels, over time become more negative in nature, because they have lost their contact and influence from The Spirit World and their Spirit Guides. Spirits, Ghosts & Angels, have a free choice to do whatever they wish, just like us. They are Misguided because they would never have been judged in the Spirit World. Their actions and behaviours would have been acknowledged and accepted. However, they would know themselves and be made aware,  that they had made some decisions or taken actions, that were not in the best interests of them selves and often others they hurt of mislead. They would be guided and helped to correct this in the next stage of their evolvement.


One of the biggest problems with Spirits, Ghosts & Angels, floating in The Earth Realm is the lack of positive guidance. The longer they are here the more they take on the more human emotions like, power, greed, control and they soon like to exert influence in the material world by giving suggestions or even giving spiritual orders to those who will accept them. This does not mean that all Spirits, Ghosts & Angels floating in the Earth Realm are negative  in nature, many are positive and continue to help people as they would in the Spirit World. This area of Spirits, Ghosts & Angels, is one to be left alone unless you have the ability to Heal, Remove and Release all Spirits, Ghosts & Angels, type "Energy Forms" back to the Spirit World.


Spirits, Ghosts & Angels that are highly evolved are very powerful because they know many secrets of the Universe. If they become negative they use this information to exert influence on anyone who will listen to them. All Spirits, Ghosts & Angels that are asked a direct question cannot lie with one exception the Angels. However they all can deceive and they often do this by adopting a number of names in addition to their Spiritual name that they are known by in the Spirit World. I have had negative Angels tell me, they are Jesus Christ, who happens to be my main Spirit Guide, and at times the only way to determine who is talking to me is to ask if this "Energy Form" is an Angel. This answer comes from my Aura Being who can identify any type of "Energy Form". Other Spirits will not lie like this if asked a direct question however they will take on names like God, Mohammed,  Jesus, Lord or even Lord Jesus trying to get me and others to believe they are The Creator of all knowledge so they can lead me and others astray. This deception and the fact that they block communication with your Spirit Guide while in your Aura Field, make this area one to avoid if possible.


Some of you with more evolved Souls may have had some disturbing experiences where you feel you have been getting information from what seems to be conflicting sources sometimes positive and sometimes negative. I have know of cases where five or six Spirits, Ghosts & Angels have been talking to a person for years, some were negative and some were positive and  this person was talking to their Spirit Guide. This would have been OK if the Spirits, Ghosts & Angels had not adopted names that this person identified with God The Creator of the Universe. Because of this persons great faith, they rejected all the negative advances however it is no wonder this person was confused and had mistrust. Many antisocial acts, murders, crimes, wars etc that have been carried out in the name of God, Mohammed, Jesus and other names we use for The God of our Faith. These have been done by people who believed they were carrying out the work of "The God" when it was information from a negative Misguided Spirit, Ghost or Angel.



As mentioned in the Healing Human Energy Section removing most Spirits, Ghosts & Angels from you aura field is generally quite easy. However because they are pure energy  and travel extremely rapidly, it often does not last long, particularly if the Spirits, Ghosts & Angels knows you are aware of it and you maybe listening to it. For instance one that was quite positive disturbed my Aura recently and  wanted some help, while I was talking to him I ask where he spent most of his time. He said he moves from place to place helping people, during this conversation I asked how long it took in Earth time to go from the USA to Australia, the answer was about five minutes. I then asked is this was the speed you travel to the Spirit World and he said no this is much slower here because of the Earth's atmosphere. 


Most Spirits, Ghosts & Angels want help to leave the Earth Realm. They have blocked out their Spirit Guide and soon lose the ability to contact them, once this happens they cannot leave because they don't know the way back to the Spirit World. When a person dies special Spirit Guides are sent to guide the Souls home. Spirits, Ghosts & Angels can be trapped here for thousands of years,  one I communicated with said he had been stuck here for about 15000 Earth years, to us this is a long time to a Spirit it has no space or time.


If you are someone who has or is communicating with some form of Spirit, Ghost or Angel you can ask your Aura Being it is positive or negative. This will give you a clue if it is safe to continue, although even communicating to a positive Spirit can be dangerous. You can ask you Aura Being if this Spirit is your Spirit Guide. Another clue is your Spirit Guide will never hurt you or ask you to harm anyone.


The only correct way to Heal and Remove Spirits of all types is to release them back to the Spirit World. This takes some specific healing techniques from someone highly trained. There are no simple fixes for this type of Healing, as it is a dangerous area to explore. This service is offered in or Services Section Removal of Spirits, Ghosts & Angels from a person is like a heavy weight being removed from them they suddenly feel light and at peace.


                      GUARDIAN ANGELS & PROTECTIVE ANGELS                                           

What are Guardian Angels? Guardian Angels are Spiritual Entities that are allocated to each person to be passive guides and offer protection and help us throughout our lives as humans . Each human person has up to four Guardian Angels that are always with you; often just above you shoulders. They may ask other Spiritual Beings or Entities to help you and generally guide and connect you to resources at a Spiritual Level.


Each of your Guardian Angels has a specific purpose. They can help you with a particular area of your life. One will help you with your physical body,  another with obtaining material requirements, others with Spiritual development and your safety. They can help and often summon additional Spiritual Beings to help or heal you when you ask or are in need. They are to be celebrated and we should give praise for their presence.


Guardian Angel have never been Souls of people. They are a separate entity, created to support us in our human form. They are our Guardians on Earth to be a link from our material world existences as humans and The Spirit World. I have also found that sometimes a Guardian Angel may become orphaned, that is somehow disconnected from the person they are helping.  This was discovered when a friend of mine noticed I was somewhat dyslexic, upon checking it was from the affect of a positive Spiritual Entity which was a Guardian Angel but not one of mine. On occasion I notice I am dyslexic, I usually have difficulty typing and on each occasion, it has been caused by and orphaned Guardian Angel. I reconnect these by send them back with the person they are helping and everything is fine. Some people believe that their guardian spirit or guardian angel brings them luck throughout life. If you also believe that and you are feeling especially fortunate, try playing a game of chance. The exceptional establishment has hundreds of games that you can choose from and play for free. Who knows, maybe that certain feeling you have is accurate, and you are indeed fortunate.


What are Protective Angels?  Protective Angels are often Archangels, from The Spirit World, one Archangel will be the protector for millions of people, mine along with millions of others is the Archangel Gabriel.


They act as a last Protector coming to your aid maybe to prevent you from being killed before you time. My life has been saved on several occasions, when in normal circumstances I could have easily died,  each time there were only a few superficial scratches and bruises or no injuries at all. Another time my wife was saved when she crossing a road, she accidently walked in front of an oncoming car travelling at about 60 km per hour, amazingly she seemed to spin around the front of the car  and had no injuries.   Often people mistake their guardian angels for their Protective Angel. 


Note: Guardian Angels are totally different  to Angel, Spiritual Beings as described in the above sections.  Angels are the original Souls or Spiritual Beings that come into the human foetus at about 3month in utero and may choose to remain around Earth after the death of the Physical body.




Can you completely remove a Ghost or Spirit?

Can you remove a Ghost or Spirit?