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 Energy fields

Human Life Eenergy Fields - Plain Languarge Information

Auras - Little Known Information on Our Primary Spiritual  Energy Field

Chakras - The Primary Energy Fields Within Our Body

What Creates Disturbance and Blocks within Our Human Life Eenergy Fields

Simple methods to heal your Human Life Eenergy Fields

Information on Little Known Life Eenergy Fields



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We are Energy Beings Our Soul is Sub Atomic Energy
We are energy beings...










energy flows constantly around and through our bodies
energy flows constantly around and through our bodies











Chakra Positions front and back
position of Chakras that are both
back and front  & through our bodies









balanced Auras & Chakras bring amazing peace & harmony

balanced Auras & Chakras   

bring amazing peace & harmony



imbalance of our human life energy causes problems with health and wellbeing

imbalance of our energy causes problems with health and wellbeing




 Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments, HEART Energy  Healings now  all include Ho' oponopono



Simple explanation of Ho' oponopono

Joe Vitale - Video on Removing Energy Blocks & Disturbances using Ho' oponopono

Dr Joe Vitale on the importance of removing blocks and disturbances using Ho' oponopono








we get buffeted by emotions that disturb our enegy balance

 we get buffeted by emotions that disturb our enegy balance




quiet spiritual places allow us to restore and re-energise

 quiet spiritual places allow us to restore and re-energise










The Core Star Energy Field is used during advanced Energy Healing

The Core Star Energy Field

is used during advanced healing





This is a basic, plain language description and information about Human Energy Fields. Most people have heard of Auras and Chakras. There are other Life Energy Fields, with information on the new Golden Soul, the Core Star, Hara Line, Soul Seat  and Individuation Point  which are essential for life, the Life Energy Fields will only be touched on briefly in the Advanced Healing section.  Humans are a Body, Mind and Soul, or Spiritual Being;  and all these parts are run by energy fields. We have an Integrated Energy Field often described as The Aura.  This information is considered essential reading as it will give detailed information and insights that may differ in detail from what some of you have learned.

The Integrated Energy Field known as the Aura has a number of layers that not only surround us but also permeate our bodies and cells. The different layers or fields within our Auras each have different purposes. To understand the importance of the Aura, our Mind is made up of  mainly two parts our Brain the conscious part, which in computer terms, could be described as "The Hardware" and parts of our Aura which would be equivalent of  the "Software", they both work together.  The Aura also has a memory of every thing that has ever happened to us, not just in this life. It is also  the most important part of our immune system. The correct function is vital for good health and well being. Disturbances of these Integrated Energy Fields and our Internal Energy Fields are a precursor to all disease, illness and problems with our mental and physical well being. Balancing your inner-self has a significant role in your everyday life and is the ultimate key to success. If you ask the most successful people in the world what their secret is, you will get the same answer: nurturing your mental health. Also, the fun fact you didn't know is that the top world's poker player Phil Ivey revealed that the key to his success is meditating before every game. It helped him to get sharper and focused on being on top of his games. Poker is the most challenging game, and you can test yourself by playing in online poker rooms. Remember to balance your energy and give the best of you in every aspect of your life.

We also have 7 major Internal Energy Fields often known as Chakras. This topic is also considered essential reading as it will give detailed information and insights that may differ in detail from what some of you have learned.

The 7 major Internal Energy Fields control the function of all our organs and every thing else in our physical bodies. 


These are: 

1. Base Chakra (base of spine)

2. Sacral or Sex Chakra (Groin Area)

3. Solar Plexus Chakra,

4. Heart Chakra ,

5. Throat Chakra,

6. Brow Chakra (Forehead)

7.Crown Chakra (Top of the Head)

Each Internal Chakra controls specific organs and mind and body functions. The Crown Chakra is our connection to The Creator, the Creator of the Universe and every other living thing in the Universe and Beyond. To find out the Truth about Auras and Chakras read the information below. Goggle them on the Internet and you will find many and varied descriptions; any information older than  29 June 2009, will be out of date. Although they may differ in specific interpretation the message is similar. We also have many other smaller energy fields probably an almost infinite number as we are basically all energy and only a small amount of solid matter, this scientists have demonstrated by using the most powerful microscopes.


Diseases, illnesses, injuries, mental and physical problems are all caused in part by disturbances in energy fields. These disturbances or blocks can easily be identified or read by anyone, with the right mind set and specific training. In fact research has found that problems or disturbances, show up in the fields before any disease or other problem appears. Removing these disturbances will prevent diseases or other problems from manifesting in the physical body. Once manifested diseases, illness and other physical and mental problems will rapidly improve once the disturbances are removed and the specific disturbed fields are restored. When identified these disturbances can be healed or removed by using a systematic process developed by the Metaphysical Institute. This process called Human Energy Assessment Release Treatments is non intrusive and does not require any physical contact.

To confirmation to a person that  these disturbances, have been removed from the Physical Body and  that the  Energy Fields have been restored, a physical muscle testing technique such as Kinesiology can be used. Some people prefer hands on healing and mild massage because it gives them a physical connection with the Healer, this will vary with patients and Healers.


A patient may seek an Energy Healer hoping to find relief from pain or painful symptoms, wanting a cure for a specific disease,  virus,  tumour or cancer. The patient will receive much more than that. The focus  is not only to eliminate the back pain, cancer or the tumour but to also work with the patient to find and heal the root cause of the original symptom or disease. The HEART Healer will achieve even much more than this; they will restore the Body, Mind and Soul, to perfect health and balance; combining the ultimate in technology from all known healing methods by using the information as used in creation of the Human Species. 


Energy blocks also affect our performances, our inability to change behaviour and are a major contributor to the "ceilings" we seem to hit and not break through. Once removed we can move on without that invisible restraint holding us back.



Healthy & Disturbed Aura


The human Aura is an energy field  of 7 Layers that surrounds and goes through the physical body in an egg shape or bubble of spiritual light, colour,  sound, feelings and Life Energy.


The Aura is a reflection of our true selves and is unique to each of us. The energy emanates in, through and around our Physical Being, which is a direct reflection of that which exists within. It is a DNA blue print or picture of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Our Aura changes with emotion, feelings, thoughts, spiritual awareness and even our health, though one colour may be more predominant than others. Disturbances may show up as a portion of the envelope with ragged edges, or may apears a holes or gaps that may extend all the way back to the body or as irregularities to the uniform shape. Disturbances will also show as colour changes.


Just as each human being is unique and individual, so is their Aura. Though there may be similarities, no two are exactly the same. Some people have extra energy fields that are not originally part of them but have been imposed upon them by some Spiritual Being these are negative and adversely affect you. They should be removed by a qualified Energy Healer

                                      Simple Diagram of 

                  Healthy Aura          &       Disturbed Aura


 Each person's Aura vibrates within their own frequency at different levels of strength and intensity. Because the Aura constantly gives off and absorbs energy, it can also be affected and reacts to other energies and frequencies. Such as another person's Aura, where exchanges of energy take place all day, with everyone you meet. It is important to understand these affects and awareness's. When you meet others who have drifted away from alignment with God and you are unaware of this,  you may have odd thoughts or feelings that you're not sure why or where they come from, or you could even feel irritated or frustrated for no apparent reason. Awareness or not your natural instinct will lead you to trust and follow those who are more aligned to God.  Disturbances that come from external sources and not from within have nothing to do with you at all, but simply may have everything to do with the energy you have accumulated and absorbed from other sources . However these disturbances may lead to emotional and physical health problems if not corrected or restored. Many things can upst the delicate balance of your many Energy Structures.


Some of the important causes of major disturbances are what I call External Negative Emotional Energy this can come about because  we are all connected through Life Energy Fields. So if a large number of people experience the same negative emotion, this can affect most of people in that area, or country and can spread around the world. E.g.. If there is a major Earth Quake the fear and other emotions of large numbers of people can create a large amount of negative energy that disturbs the Auras of about 80% of people where this negative energy exists. This is one of the triggers for epidemics e.g.. Flu, war and conflicts, increases in crime and even road rage etc. Another form of External Negative Energy that causes disturbances to our Auras comes from Spirits seeking help. I will deal with disturbances in more detail in another page What Disturbs Our Energy Fields?

Elements of The Integrated Energy Fields � The Aura

There are 7 main layers to the aura, the easiest way to identify and understand these layers is to associate each layer with one of the 7 main chakras. To simplify things, these 7 are basically grouped. The first group is to do with the Physical and the second group to do with the Spiritual or Divine part of us. This allows us to communicate with different parts and understand that although there are 7 layers they constantly interact

The First I will call our Physical Being which groups the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Layers. This is a major part of our immune system, our conscious & subconscious mind, the part that has every memory of this life on earth, the communication to every cell in our body and relates to, health, survival and security of the physical body. The 4th is our inbuilt guidance that also links these mainly physical layers to our Spirit Being Layers

The second I will call our Spirit Being which groups 5th, 6th, and 7th Layers This is the Spiritual side of us, our connection to each other, The Source, The Creator of  the Universe , the part that has the memory of all our lives and access to all the knowledge in the universe.


The Third Group is called our Soul or Spirit Being which groups what are now  our 6th, 7th, and 8th Layers This is the Spiritual side of us, our connection to each other, The Creator  the part that has the memory of all our lives and access to all the knowledge in the universe.


Collectively we call the 7 Layers - our Aura .You are in command and can give instructions to parts of yourself and they will carry our your commands. As an example think of a Publicly Listed Company, imagine you are Chairman of the Board, you decide on an course of action, you give instructions to the CEO  and he gives instructions to his Managers etc.  Your Aura will carry out your specific commands with the precision  not  seen in the "real world' of this life. 

Details of the 7 Layers of The Aura   -  Used in More Advanced Healing

The First Layer: The Etheric Body.

This layer is the physical blueprint of the body. Like the base or root chakra, it relates to the health, survival and security of the physical body. Physical signs of illness and injury can be seen in this layer. The etheric layer is a major part of our immune system and usually appears to visual sight as a light blue or grey light. This is usually the easiest layer to see and the first layer seen.

The Second Layer: The Emotional Body.

This layer relates to your emotions and boundaries, emotions with us and emotions we have for others around us. The emotional layer is often seen as a swirling mass of energy around the body.

The Third Layer: The Mental Body.

This layer stores and run the programs associated with your basic beliefs, your intellect, personal power and understanding. This is the layer of thought and ideas. This layer is usually most visible around the head and shoulders as a yellow glow. It is in this layer that thought and ideas actually become substantiated. This layer is usually pretty easy to see too. It will really stand out when you observe someone thinking or concentrating.

The Fourth Layer: The Astral Layer Body.

Marks the division between the physical layers and the higher layers this coordinates between the Physical, Golden HEART & Spiritual Being. This layer is responsible for interaction between people. It is the layer of love and of relationships. Your relationship with others, yourself, and your physical body.

The Fifth Layer: The Conceptual Body.  

This layer is the spiritual part of us created at conception, it is part of the DNA of that unique individual. This body is a copy of the physical body on a higher level. It is the basic template of your uniqueness and inner identity.

The Sixth Layer: The Celestial Body.

Is the body of the emotional level on the spiritual plane. It is the layer of group consciousness, clairvoyance, and it is the level of communication with other beings.

The Seventh Layer: The Soul, 

This is God, The Divine within Us and our connection with Him. This is the mental layer of the spiritual level, it is our spiritual template. Through this layer we meld and become one with Spirit, the part that never dies it just evolves to higher levels. Through this layer we can access universal knowledge and it has all the memory of any past existences both physical and Spiritual




Internal Energy Fields or Chakras are basically subtle energy fields that run through the body. There are 7 Main  Chakras, vertically located from the base of the Spine up to the top of the Head. However there are many other Energy Fields & Chakras located in every part of the body, all having specific functions that are usually associated with their location. Thsi explanation will only deal with these main 7 as they are key to our Physical & Mental wellbeing. These 7 Chakras must be in top shape to allow all the others to function correctly. 


The descriptions,  locations and connections to specific organs are what occurs in most people however different individuals may be slightly different  and with most energy fields they also interact with each other. This accounts for the seemingly contradictive specifics published by different teachers. This is due to two factors the first being that for most healers, their point of reference is themselves. The second is there are three separate type of Human incarnations; the most predominate is the Physical Human Being, the second is the Spiritual Human Being and the smallest group is the ancient Etheric Human Being.  This does not seem to affect the healing process as healing is in the Chakra and the associated organs happens because the higher elements of The Aura automatically knows which Chakra is associated in that individual.   


1st The Base or Root Chakra Colour is Red It  is created at conception and  located at the base of the spine.   It represents activity in general, such as movement, energy and survival as well as grounding.  It  connects with the base of the spine and also connects the liver and is associated with most illness. Red is also associated with pain, swelling and inflammation and all heat sensations. When this Chakra is working correctly, we have physical vitality and strength. We feel connected to nature with a deep understanding of nature�s rhythms and patterns.


When disturbed  it affects the liver and all adrenal problems. Most  major middle and  upper back,  hip and stability problems are associated with disturbances of the Base Chakra.  Long term disturbances can cause chronic back and hip problems.


2nd The Sacral  Chakra : Colour is Orange: Created at conception. It's located  above the pubic bone. It is connected to the sensuality, sexuality, desire for pleasure, spontaneous enjoyment and feeling of wellbeing. It is connected  with the kidneys, the large and small intestine,  panaceas, spleen, groin, prostrate and uterus in women . When this Chakra is working correctly,  we feel vital, supple, fun loving and have a good sexual desire.   


When disturbed  it affects our Sacrum � the lower back pain,  spleen,   sexual problems,  bladder and digestive disorders. Disturbances  tend to make muscles contract putting stain on major joints linked with the legs and  feet, associated with most leg and foot  injuries. We feel a lack of focus, lack of vitality,  physical rigidity, anger and often anti-social behaviours are magnified.


3rd The Solar Plexus Chakra: Colour is Yellow:  Created around the time we are  Born.  It is located around the navel and the base of the rib cage. Associated with Blood, Lymph System, and endochromatic system.  Motivates us to bring about change. Deals with our use of energy and the solar plexus creates change in us as well as around us. It is an organizing type of control centre, that gives us the ability to operate in a more powerful and effective ways. When this Chakra is working correctly, because of the Lymph System, it deals with many different systems of the body, also effects our immune system. It also works in the proper functioning of the nervous system and the skin.  Also related with optimism, self-confidence, spontaneity, flexibility, understanding,  joy, and laughter.  When disturbed  it affects The Immune System, Ulcers, hypoglycaemia, stress related ailments, indigestion,  auto immune disorders, chronic fatigue and removal of poisons and impurities from the blood and the physical body.


4th The Heart Chakra; The Colour is Green/Gold: Created at conception.  Located at the centre of the chest this is also the midway point of the chakra system with 3 chakras above and 3 chakras below. Associated with the heart, lungs, diaphragm, arms,  hands and respiration This chakra is about love, caring, sharing, relationships, balance, equilibrium and, gives us structure to our existence, routine and discipline and all aspects of personal growth. When this Chakra is working correctly, we have a sense of calm, clear-sightedness, friendliness and tolerance of others.  When disturbed  it affects our Heart, contributes to heart disease, high blood pressure, lung disease, invasive illness, abnormal growths. We tend to feel emotionless, have lack of control, may cause sense of claustrophobia, being trapped, unfulfilled, restricted, dominated, a need to be in control or be controlled, becoming possessive or obsessive, constantly seeking reassurance, a lack of self worth and isolation.


5th The Throat Chakra: The Colour is Blue.Green: Created at about 3 month in utero. It is located in the throat. Associated with the, thyroid and parathyroid glands, the upper chest, neck, throat, mouth, nose, bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, alimentary when this Chakra is working correctly,  we communicate easily, breath freely and are clear headed. When disturbed it contributes to throat problems, Asthma, colds, stiff necks, thyroid problems, ear problems, laryngitis, sore throats, tonsillitis.

6th The Brow Chakra;
Colour is Violet: Created at about 3 month in utero. It is located about one finger width above the bridge of the nose at the centre of the forehead, also called the Third Eye.  It is associated with pituitary  gland, thalamus, hypothalamus and effects mainly the brain, eyes and the ears. It is important in, creative thinking from our conscious mind, reasoning, logical thinking, Clairvoyance, insight,  planning, intellect, belief, understanding and analysis. Inward looking rather than expressive like the throat chakra. When this Chakra is working correctly,  we can see things clearly, reason well, feel confident and relaxed. Because it gives us the ability to observe and understand and feel deep down what is truth, not what others are telling us. When disturbed our mind may become clouded and thought patterns erratic, making practical decision making extremely difficult. Intuition may become blocked. Visual defects and dyslexia may show up or become more pronounced,  nightmares, and headaches are also signs of a malfunctioning brow chakra.

7th The Crown Chakra: Primary colour is white: Created at about 3 month in utero, if no other Soul chooses to inhabit in this foetus a new Soul is created. Located at the top of the head in the centre of the skull. This is our Soul, our connection to The Creator, the Universe and The God within us, this is our Spiritual Centre. Our connection with each other and to the whole of creation and all the knowledge of the universe. Once mastered our unique pattern of consciousness is kept in constant touch with all sorts of information from our Earth and the Universe through the subtle dimensions of Spiritual Life Energy. When this Chakra is working correctly we feel at Peace with Ourselves, Each Other, Our God and Creator and our Spirituality is complete. As the base chakra connects us firmly and safely to the earth, the Crown Chakra opens us to the universal energy.


We All have the Ability to Use the  Complete Powers of the Crown Chakras. When disturbed some or all of our other Chakras will immediately become disturbed often greatly affecting our total wellbeing. We may feel Anger, Depression, difficulties with both physical and mental functions, exhausted, prone to boredom, listless, feeling of alienation, difficulty in learning, a feeling that something is not right, but difficult to describe clearly what is wrong. When all  Our Chakras  and Auras are working correctly We Become as We were Created with the ability to Heal ourselves and to Access All Knowledge and Wisdom. However our Creation is so Unique and Adaptable we can live and function  and most of us do with Major Energy Field Disturbances. You will never know how great it feels until  Your Integrated & Internal Energy Fields are Restored and Functioning as You were Created.



To correctly restore Human Energy Field disturbance it is important to understand when and why this interference started. This information allows us to  use a Systematic Approach HEART Energy Healing,  Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment R developed by the Metaphysical Institute to restore these disturbed fields, in the quickest and most effective way, to give lasting results. Obviously to become a trained Healer you will need to learn how to determine if a field is disturbed. We will only be dealing with, when and why of  Human Energy Field disturbances. If you do not feel well, your energy fields are disturbed. Once  you have a basic understanding of the mechanisms  of these disturbances we will give you simple, practical ways, you can restore your own  Human Energy Fields. All Healing takes place from within you, as you were created to heal yourself naturally. All a competent  Energy Healer is doing, when invoking a healing; is removing any impediments from preventing this natural process.

Aura or Integrated Energy Field Disturbances

The first is Collective Negative Energy this is basically caused by a large number of people experiencing the same emotion from a single incident. A Tsunami causes massive fear and if it affects a large population. The collective fear creates a Negative Energy Field that spreads around the World and disturbs approximately 80% of people, generally  disturbing their Aura which affects the Crown Chakra, very often other Chakras as well.

The second is what we call Spirit Disturbance, you may ask what is this? Let me explain. When a person dies generally their soul leaves the body and goes back to The Spirit World, where they enjoy this magnificent place,  reunite with their Soul Friends and evaluate their evolutionary progress. (see Secrets of Life ) However a small number of Souls mistakenly believe they have  serious issues and so feel they  are not yet ready to return home so they choose to stay in The Earth Realm.


These Spirits and Ghosts (see section for details) are drifting looking for help and release, in essence they have emotional, Energy Field Disturbances, which once released or healed,  they will go home to The Spirit World. While still on Earth they will on occasions occupy another person's Aura. This has the effect of disturbing the living persons Aura and often their Chakras. If no help comes to the Spirit it will seek out another soul. For those of you who are more highly evolved Souls, whose energy centre is nearer to  their Crown Chakra, you will most likely get more of these disturbances. For the vast majority, who are generally more grounded, with the centre of their energy field closer to their base Chakra,  you may feel  a sense of sudden tiredness and lack of energy which will hopefully pass the moment the spirit leaves your field. If you continue to feel tired your Aura and Charkas are most likely disturbed and you will need to restore them.


The third is  very important whenever we go to sleep,  we can become disturbed. Once our conscious mind goes to sleep, which is a vital part of the revitalisation of our physical being,  this allows part of our Aura to reconnect to the Spirit Realm. Part of our Aura can then leave the Physical Body Aura Field and revisit any place or  time  it has been before, it does this almost instantly, in the time it takes you to blink your eye. This mean that if it visits a place or time in the past, where it had been disturbed before, it will become disturbed again. This is why you may wake up feeling very tired or listless. There is a very simple way to restore these disturbances, which will be dealt with in the next  part below, Simple Ways to Restore Your Energy  Fields.

Most other Aura Disturbances are caused by our internal Unresolved Emotional Issues which will be dealt with later as these issues are similar for both Auras and Chakras.  To understand fully, whenever our Aura is disturbed, some of our Charkras will most likely to also  become disturbed. Now when we restore the Aura, in most cases the Charka, will need to be restored as a separate process. The exception is when you use a simple method we will deal with in the next topic that you can do for yourself.


Because our Aura,  of which our Soul is a part  never dies, the memory of any unresolved emotional disturbances may still be present from past and our present lives on Earth or elsewhere. As mentioned after physical death our Soul goes back to The Spirit World  for debriefing, evaluation and healing, where  we resolve most of these issue in the Spirit World. However, we also need to resolve any unresolved issues from Earth, on Earth, in some future life. Many Souls carry major issues through many lives, causing increasingly more severe mental and physical health problems.


This is often the cause of hereditary defects that are passed on through generations. If you think of the Aura as the "software" and the body as the "hardware" and if the software is corrupted (disturbed) it may in time affect the hardware, the body. and suspect it alters the DNA, although this is only a relatively small change over many life times it becomes significant.


Why Life Energy Field Healing is so significant and important is because once the corrupted "software" is fixed ( disturbed Energy Field is Healed) the "hardware" (Physical Body) is created  as perfect again in the new life.  In many cases this will occur in the current life unless the "hardware" (the Body) is too damaged to repair itself and this is where our Doctors and Surgeons are invaluable.

Internal Energy Field or Chakra Disturbances

Disturbances of our Chakras are basically the same as in Auras they are caused by unresolved Emotional Issues. Some may be initially cause by Aura disturbances and some just appear in the Chakras. Although these may not manifest as physical or mental problems for months or years, others may cause immediate problems.


Let us explain, Emotions are good and an essential part of our in built survival mechanism however we were never meant to hang onto them. Their purpose is to give us a reference point so we can learn something, if we take this learning on, as a negative emotion and don't let it go, we have created an emotional block,  that has disturbed  some of our Energy Fields. On the other hand if  we have, what would appear to be a negative emotion and we find something positive to relate to it , we have created a positive response which will restore our Energy Fields.  When someone hurts us, we may  feel anger  or a lack of love or both. When we are nearly get hit by a car we generally feel, a fear of death and maybe anger,  these emotions are good, in fact that is one of the reasons for us to live life on Earth, to experience all range of emotions. What is not good is, if we keep a negative association, we should always look for the positive in any situation. So as we go through Life we will experience many emotions, our response should be to Acknowledge this Emotion, Find something Positive and then let Go of that Emotion .


The major emotions in the order that is best to resolve them are:  ( Also listed  are some of the most common types we associate with these)


Grief - Family, Friends, Associates  Pets, Notable People. (Associates are Other people we meet or know about)

Anger - Family, Friends, Associates , Ourselves, The Universe

Envy - Family, Friends, Associates , Notable People

Fear - Death, Failure, Loss or Lack, Situations, Things ( Spiders, Snakes etc.)

Lack of Love - Family, Friends, Associates, The Universe


These are the basic emotions, from which all emotions are derived. Any negative associations  we attach to an emotion, has the potential to create an energy disturbance or block, which if left unresolved, will later affect our mental performance or result in some physical problem or disease. The more of our auras and chakras that become disturbed, with a negative emotional incident,  the more the severity of the problems associated with this incident. Although this seems both simple and amazing, it does not take us long to understand that in a year we are affected by many issues that cause us to become emotional, let alone a life time. Because we have not been taught or have forgotten how to deal with emotional issues, most of us have, at the least, less than a perfect self esteem, as well as some aches and pains.  Many of us suffer more severe mental  issues  from mild depression to more serious mental problems  and physical disabilities, sickness and diseases.



All Healing takes place from within you, as you were created to heal yourself naturally. All a competent  Energy Healer is doing, when invoking a healing; is removing any impediments from preventing this natural process.


This is the manual method and is always available for you, however it must be followed specifically as suggested.


The simplicity of some of the ways we can heal or restore our Energy Fields is amazing, most are so easy that many of you will find it difficult to believe, or maybe do it once or twice and then forget about it. The wise thing to do, would be, do what is suggested often enough until it is a habit like breathing or sleeping.


When we wake up, from any sleep


That brings us to the first  method, when we wake up, from any sleep, even a cat nap, we should say to ourselves "Balance Being" this needs to be said to ourselves within 10 seconds of awakening. This will restore completely, our Aura and Chakras so at least we start the day in great shape. As mentioned before The Universe is very specific and so are these methods. This will not remove the longer term major blocks as they can re-occur, if a thought or an incident happens that triggers these emotions. The original cause needs to be dealt with specifically. Or jump out of bed with enthusiasm and shout with strong body movements "I feel terrific, I feel fantastic, I love you (To The Divine Source) and I love myself."


Healing Disturbances or Blocks in our Aura and Chakras - It is suggested you use both methods with each incident.


The First Method - Quickest and Most Direct


To deal with a specific blocks or emotion causes we just need to follow the steps below, we may not know all the emotions involved with each incident but it does not matter because our Spiritual Side or Aura Being knows all.


1. Acknowledge that we have Emotions that are associated with these incidents or Behaviours . Emotions (See the list in section above) are good and a part  of our survival mechanism however when we hold negative associations with them, they cause blocks and disturbances to our Human Life Energy Fields. At times these blocks become Automatic Learned Programs and memories, which also should  be deleted.

2. We should find a new Positive Learning.  We do this by just asking our Spiritual Side to find a new Positive Meaning for this original incident and then update with this new Positive Leaning from then till now and into the future.

3. We now say, I let  Go of these Emotions.


This is the most important thing we can learn and teach our children to find a positive in any situation. You begin by acknowledgement, then by searching within yourself, changing negative to positive and then letting go of that original cause.   If you keep doing this, with anything that seems to be causing you a problem, you will soon have few problems.  You can do this for yourself because your "Aura Being"  knows everything, so you know everything. Once you practice this although it may be difficult at first, do  it often enough and you will get much better.


Second Method using Ho'oponopono takes a little Longer but with an Added Benefit that it can also Clean These Disturbances and Blocks for Others at the same time.


A modern version of the ancient Hawaiian teaching of Ho'oponopono. An effective way of clearing blocks and changing programs in the Physical realm. A method where we take responsibility for any behaviours or thoughts, we see in ourselves or in others and with the added benefit, that this process also works to change these same behaviours or thoughts in others at the same time.


This is very simple and the best universal Ho'oponopono is to say to The Creator - the new Ho'oponopono says:


I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Forgive You, I Forgive Myself, I Trust You, I Trust Myself, I Love You, I Love Myself - Thank you, Amen.  We do this with any block, disturbance or behaviour patterns we see in ourselves or others. When we see these in others; we also have them and by saying to the Divine; I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me, I Forgive You, I Forgive Myself, Thank You, I Love You; we are taking responsibility for clearing or removing these blocks, disturbances or behaviour patterns from ourselves and asking the Divine to help others as well.


This is very powerful and moving - Here is the original ancient Ho�oponopono Prayer:                    

Divine Creator, father, mother, son as one� If I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives, and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds, and actions from the beginning of our creation to the present, we ask for your forgiveness� Let this cleanse, purify, release, cut all negative memories, blocks, energies and vibrations and transmute these unwanted energies to pure light� And it is done.

This is essentially what is done for you at the Spiritual or Energy Level during a Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment , however it is done in a very detailed and specific way.

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As you can see above you can heal yourself very easily. However most of us have many hundreds of blocks and disturbances, that affect both our mental and physical health and behaviour. The best way to clear all the past and present life disturbances is to have an initial  HEART Energy Healing where a Metaphysical Institute trained Healer will clear and cleanse you of all these hundreds of External, Internal,  Past and Present,  Energy Disturbances that show up within your Human Life Energy Fields. They will also remove Viruses, Bacteria and Yeast problems and more, as well as deal with any other specific conditions you bring to their attention.  During this consultation they will explain the process, instruct you and answer your questions to help  you  in the process of healing yourself in the future.

To change some habits, behaviours and addictions and more complex problems it may also be necessary perform other actions within the physical body including altering  neuron paths.  This is best done by a Trained HEART Energy Practitioner.

For an appointment .HEART Energy Healing  or for more detailed information on what is done  or a Free Information Consultation

Other Disturbances 


Collective negative energy; for those who are yet to learn to read Human Energy Fields, stay alert to what is happening around the world, or any major negative incident, that is well publicised in you local area and  there is a high probability this condition will manifest. Just ask your sprit Guide to please remove this Negative Energy. If the cause of this negative emotional energy stays on peoples minds and they continue to focus on it, this negative energy will persist. Once most people change their focus it will gradually fade away.


Spirits and Ghosts can be a little more difficult, although removing them for a while is quite easy, just ask your Spirit Guide to Move the Spirit On or Ghost or Angel. This will remove them from your Aura probably only temporarily. To completely remove them, they need to be Healed and this releases them and the return to the Spirit World. There are other mechanical ways to move them on. They generally dislike louder sound and vibrations, like noisy or rapidly revving motors, things like a vitamiser, whipper snipper's, many lawn mower's, some hairdryers anything that is noisy and high revving.


If you are having major problems with Spirits or Ghost and the like, it maybe in you interests to have them permanently removed from the Earth Realm. We do offer this in the Services Section and  we are the only organisation that has this service.




I will briefly mention some of the more advanced Services offered, using HEART,  Human Energy Assessment Release Treatment R that in essence relate to restoring some of the lesser known Life Energy Fields.  Fields that not only enhance our Body, Mind and Soul, wellbeing and awareness, but also have the effect of building team work within Groups. This helps small and large groups of people work harmoniously together, in a similar fashion to that which, Souls interact in the Spirit World, as they work together seeking  to evolve  to higher and higher levels.


These Life Energy Fields are also very important in all types of creation and with the more advanced healing of the Human Body. So called miracle cures throughout history have been created using this information in  a very specific  way.


These Advanced Healing Techniques also involve the Life Energy Fields, namely The Core Star, Tan Tein and the Hara Group. These are essential to Human Life and not found in other species on Earth.  When these function correctly this can have a profound affect upon our life. Dysfunction of these essential Life Energy Fields can have major detrimental consequences.


The Core Star is your internal Source of the Divine, the "I am, What is, Was, and Ever will be."


The Tan Tien is our connection with the Earth as the Tan Tien actually resonates  to the exact frequency of the molten centre of The Earth and the Energy Field that is responsible for holding our Body in the shape of a body, instead of a gelatinous mass.


The Soul Seat within the Hara Group have to do with our awareness of our Spiritual Side and our Hara Line and Individuation Point  abbreviated to ID Point have very specific functions, like our awareness of The Creator in our lives and our true being, the essence of who we are, our connection with others, our Intentionality and our Life Purpose.


For more detailed information about these Life Energy Fields please read Light Emerging - The Journey of Personal Healing - Barbara Ann Brennan  listed in our Links Section. This is the most informed work published and Barbara Brennan is one of the few people that use and understand the healing power of these Life Energy Fields.


There is also what some have referred to as Fourth Dimensional Healing or more correctly known as Creative Healing. Where the Healer in combination with The Creator miraculously creates new organs and tissues in days and weeks to restore that chosen person to good health. Another book The Fourth Dimension by Dr Paul Yonggi Cho listed in our Links Section gives is good reading on this subject. 


Many of these Advanced Healing Techniques are used in our Programs. Our more Advanced Healers will use Creative Healing in our normal Healing Consultation, if it is appropriate and it is not going against that persons Destiny Path. This can only be determined at the time of your Free Initial Consultation.


One of the most important uses of  Advanced Healing Techniques is in our intuitive Destiny Discovery and Life Coaching Programs, where we not only Discover your Destiny, if you are not pursuing it. We can then guide you as well as give you the tools to achieve it more easily and effortlessly. The peace and exhilaration of pursing your chosen destiny for most people is life changing.


The crowning glory of these Advanced Healing Techniques is the Hara Group, because your destiny always involves others who are often unaware of their roles because of cloudy Hara Lines and ID Points.